Know Us

How we started

Observing the old women asking for charity in the streets and squares, we understood that they were deeply depressed and abandoned, accompanied only by their loneliness. It was time to do something for them, we decided to listen to them, get to know them, support them and above all give them a lot of love and affection based on an active, productive and participatory methodology; with which we have managed to change the negative mentality of old age for a positive consciousness of life.

We realized that through music we came to emotions. We enjoyed doing exercises, singing, dances and through the permanent encounter they began to reinforce their self-esteem and self-confidence. They lost their fear of communicating, relating, moving, dancing and they became charming old women and were happy to share with the group. We rescue the joy of living with love and a vision of life full of motivation, communication and good humor. We started with 11 grandmothers and then each one of them was recommending her experience to others and after time we shared with +450 old people on the street, developing an occupational and motivational recreational program. The greatest motivation is peace, joy and love.

Why the Elders?

Two-thirds of the population in Ecuador live in conditions of poverty. Older adults are considered people with physical disabilities, someone who is not taken into account by the family or by society, they are people with many needs, but with few answers.

In Ecuador, low-income older adults who worked in the informal sector such as domestic workers, bricklayers, street workers, etc., now live as elderly people in extreme poverty. They do NOT have access to social protection, much less medical, they lack subsidies, they do not have a job, and they lack basic needs such as food, health, clothing and housing. Every day it is more difficult for the grandparents and grandmothers of the street to live in decent conditions.

Our objetive

Promote a new culture of positive aging, carrying out activities aimed at ensuring that older people with lower incomes age with dignity and in an active, productive and healthy way. As for the Ecuadorian society, make it aware of the support and respect for the elderly, especially those who are at high risk, through workshops and seminars.

Our Vision

To be a solution in Ecuador for the elderly at risk, providing basic food, promoting permanent educational, recreational and occupational activities aimed at social and labor integration. Achieve their maximum empowerment of personal and group fulfillment. Recover the values of respect and support for the elderly. And above all so that they do not survive but so that they live!

Our Commitment

Continue working to prevent begging, destitution and deprivation of the family environment that affects older adults living in poverty in Ecuador, providing them with the basic food necessary to live, clothing, comprehensive education, creating a space with activities and adequate conditions to raise their self-esteem, in a joyful environment full of love and creative, different from the environment in which they live; so that they can express themselves, value themselves, train themselves, achieve their labor integration and consider themselves part of society.


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