¡Thank you so much for helping us help!

FEXLAW Abogados helps us monthly with funds to be able to cover part of the operating costs of the foundation, which are high, because we do not maintain a fixed income, only food donations. Additionally, Fexlaw staff participate in activities throughout the year such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and sponsor these events. Thanks!

The TSP Company helps us with the transportation of the food donated by the foundation periodically. This help is vital for our NGO due to the amount of food that must be transported and in this case they have selflessly collaborated with us. It is a great company and they have great managers. ¡Thanks!

The BOPP company of Ecuador helps us with plastic containers for food that are donated periodically. This help is vital for our NGO since without these resources the functioning of our community kitchen would be at risk. We admire the management of Mélida, Erika and all the management staff of this great company. Thanks!

The company Panadería y Pastelería GUARANI periodically helps us with the highest quality pastry products as well as bread, which is part of our whole food menu, for more than 300 beneficiaries. Companies and people like Ana make all the effort worthwhile. Thanks!

The company L’ARTISAN Panadería Ancestral, gives us its help periodically with artisan bakery products of the highest quality, which are part of our integral menu, of more than 300 beneficiaries. We admire Paul’s work and his entire team. Thanks! for helping us continue with our commitment to provide a welcoming space for our grandparents. Thanks!

This work is financed 100% by the private sector. Therefore, any type of collaboration is welcome. Do you have spare clothes? Well, come and donate to the grandparents. Do you want to donate food? Great, you’re in the right place, just contact us at the number below. Do you want to stop by the Foundation and help us? It will be an incredible experience, you will greatly appreciate the value of a warm and genuine hug.

If you want to make donations in money, please contact the following email:

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