Reception Office

This program began in January 2003 with 250 grandmothers and grandparents of the street, homeless and beggars, welcoming them with love, to help them and now serves 350 elderly beneficiaries of the EMERGING HELP service, which thanks to the work of the social worker, performs the reception, interview and verification of all the grandparents and, depending on the case, manages help in the health area. For care in hospitals where surgeries are performed, specialist care for the treatment of special cases, examinations, X-rays, surgeries and others; via the execution of solidarity aid agreements.

Communal dining

This service is served in the Community Dining Room, with the support of the private sector and self-management of benefactors who help us collect the necessary food to distribute the 1,400 lunches and breakfasts each month.

The challenge is huge, if you have food left over or want to make a donation, please get in touch with us!

Rations Service

Through the rations service, we help +400 elderly people, each month with rations of 5 food items per month: rice, sugar, tuna, oatmeal and noodles. We point out that this consumes us 14 quintals of food each month and 350 cans of tuna that we sheathe to give them, this is possible thanks to the collaboration of volunteers and benefactors..

Solidarity wardrobe

The Solidarity Wardrobe works looking for the donation of clothes for each month to distribute +400 garments to the elderly, that is to say that the grandmothers each month together with the food rations receive their garment. With the rest of the garments flea markets are made that help in something for self-management.

Dance and Crafts

We help our grandparents who, through dance and music, express their best emotions, liberate themselves in some way from their daily load and together we walk towards a positive attitude of aging. Likewise, we teach them to write and paint, through the help of even foreign collaborators.

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